1995 Chevrolet Prizm • 171 miles

My car jerks while im driving it at all speeds. To describe the type of jerking its like its got bad gas or almost out of gas. Its been doing this for a couple months now. I've gotten the fuel filter changed thinking that might be the problem but it seems to have just made it jerk more. When I have someone else in the car it doesn't jerk at all really. I have noticed the rpm jumps when the car jerks. What could be causing this problem?
April 7, 2013.

Has the check engine light come on? When was the last tune up? Have you checked to make sure the fuel pump pressure is within the manufacturer's specs? As far as it going away with a passenger, that is really odd.

No it hasn't. I moved to new mexico from Indiana in the middle of February. Spark plugs and wires are good, I had the transmission filter and fluid changed before coming out here, the guy said everything looked good. And no im not sure how to check that.

Apr 7, 2013.
Not sure how to check what?

The fuel pump pressure

Apr 8, 2013.
It is easy to do. Go to our homepage under the DIY section. There are two links. One has directions and the other is a video showing how to do it.