1995 Cadillac Deville

For some reason the coolant in my reservoir keeps overflowing and it's not reaching the radiator as it should. What could be the problem and what is quick solution to fix it? Thanks for your assistance.
January 11, 2012.

Try replacing the radiator cap.

Ok. Sounds good and what if that doesn't work, then what would you suggest?

Jan 11, 2012.
The next time you drive your car after you have replaced the cap, grab the upper radiator hose with the engine off. You will be feeling to see if the system has pressure. Check it again in a few minutes to see if it still has some pressure. It should in both caes. If nto there is a leak in the sytem somewhere.
Make sure the coolant tube and the little fitting it goes on has a clear passage for the coolant as it could be clogged.

Did you overheat it?

Jan 11, 2012.