1995 Buick Park Avenue • 149,656 miles

The sunroof was whistling a little so I pushed the button to make sure it was closed all the way. In the process I pushed it the wrong direction and now the sunroof is halfway open and it won't close or open at all.
February 23, 2012.

You'll have to check and see if the switch is sending power out or not. Then if it's coming to the motor. Ther eis a module inbetween it could be that as well. If the power goes to the green wire on the motor it could also be a cable problem which have to be replalce din sets. There is also a 30 amp circuit breaker that could have gone bad as well.

Feb 23, 2012.
Thanks for the info. If it ends up being the circuit breaker, I would think that the power windows would not work either, but they do. Anyway, thanks again and I hope it does not cost a lot of money to fix.


The circuit breaker is only for the sunroof

Feb 23, 2012.
In may owners manual, it lists the power windows and the sunroof in circuit breaker 1