1995 Buick Park Avenue • 100,000 miles

I have the air conditioner set on 60 degrees, which is the lowest setting for my car. The compressor is engaged and turning. It blows out warm air. Until I accelerate it starts to blow colder air but still not that cold. I checked the refrigerant in the system and apparently it is full, I checked them with guages on the low pressure side. The guages are in the red, which states danger zone. The accumulator and the aluminum or metal tubes that run from the accumulator to the compressor are not that cold. Usually you would see those tubes get really cold to the touch and they would have water droplets on them. What could be the problem! Please respond, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You
Joseph DiTomaso
June 28, 2012.

Usually when your low on charge when you give it gas it will start to blow cold if it wasnt at idle. You cannot tell if the system is fully charged with a ac pressure gauge. The only way to tell if the car has the properly charge is have the charged recovered it will be weighed by the ac machine. Then put the correct pressure back in. So what are the low and high side pressures at idle?

Jun 28, 2012.
A number of reasons could cause the air to turn cold at higher compressor speeds. Get a real set of A/C manuifold/gauges and hook up bith suction and discharge. Engage A/C and check for at least 5 or 6 to 1 compression across compressor. Suction side should be around 40 give or take. Discharge should be at least 200+ if compressor is good. (I like to see around 45 suction to 280 discharge If you see 50+ on suction and less than 200 on discharge, you are getting bypass on compressor and made need to replace it. If you have less than 40 on suction, add a little freon R134a if you have the quick disconnect ports and R12 (Expensive if you don't already have some on hand.) If you have the screw type connectors.1995 was changeout year. Most newer systems have a cutout to prevent compressor running if freon charge is too low.

Aug 18, 2012.