1994 Toyota Pickup • 4 cylinder 4WD Manual • 94,000 miles

I have a 1994 toyota pickup 1/2 ton with a 22RE motor. I recently have replaced the timing chain. Just last week it started to amoke out of the exaust a white smoke only when I started it then it went away and I changed the pvc valve and it does not smoke. It was loosing coolant last week also but I just drained the coolant out of the new radiator I put in the truck and replaced it today and it seems to be fine. But is this any sighn of a head gasket leak prob? If so what should I do?
November 28, 2010.

Get a head check done, this is a simple & quick chemical test to check for exhaust gasses in the cooling system.

Mark (mhpautos)

Nov 28, 2010.
If you want to confirm it its not the headgasket get it block and pressure tested

Nov 28, 2010.