1994 Subaru SVX • 98,000 miles

I have a 1994 Subaru SVX I have re placed the trany, rear wheel bearing, calliper and brakes and still have the same problem
I had it to a Subaru dealer and two trany shops, I have spent near $3,000.00 and stil have the same problem

If you back up straight and go forward striaght it is fine. If you pull into aparking space such as like wallmart and back out turning sharply it is a strain on the motor then you put it in drive to go forward it is like the brakes are on and then it will make a popping sound from the back and let go

I have not found anyone that has a clue of what it could be, I hope you can help I'm going broke.
Cv knute
February 18, 2013.

From your description i'd say that the parking brake cable or parking brake itself is hanging up, it sure sounds like it. Check to see if your parking brake cabless are frozen or adjusted properly. You may have a spring broke in one of them causing the problem. It wold not be the disc part as the parking brake is seperate. If they were adjusted to tight then the cable adjusted to tight it could cause this. We don't have agood fdrawing /pic of thisat all so I can't really say anything else.

Feb 18, 2013.
I have replaced all the parking brake hardware and I did not use the parking brake when this happend I had the car up on jack stands shift to drive, reverse, turning while shifting back and forth it only does it on the ground on dry pavement turning reverse to forward

Cv knute
Feb 20, 2013.
It could still be doing what I said especially if there is aforzen cable due to rust or one of thenew piecesay have not hit the shoe right like where the cross piece goes into the shoe

Feb 20, 2013.