1994 Pontiac Grand Am • 62,500 miles

94 Grand Am quad for motor 62,000 miles 2 guys at work think is a misfire. The transmission shift smoothly and strong. The fluid may or may not be original I do not know. I have done of full tune up it has new plugs boots cap and coils. Also has a new fuel line and filter. However when you are hard on the gas it hits the rev limiter does not shift until slightly releasing the gas. The fluid does not smell burnt it does not bang into gear at any point. Only other thing is when shifting from park to drive takes a second to engage but I always thought that to be common with those anyone have a clue why it would hit the rev limit or and then not shift until releasing gas slightly?
March 23, 2013.

There is no rev limiter that I have heard of on this model and my other question is why are you running the rpm that high to start with?

I have found the module on the valve cover causes a missfire as well. I include that in all my tune ups because it is a common failure


Mar 24, 2013.