1994 Mitsubishi Mirage • 65,000 miles

1. My Mirage vibrates at over 100Kph. The vibrations are not heavy as would be with loose parts, just slight as in a rotating part with a minor uneven surface. I have checked engine mountings, wheel bearings and bushes and they seem ok. Tyre surface is good and I always check tyre pressure. What am I missing?

2. Main lamps are not bright enough. I have changed battery and bulbs, but there is no change.

3. Front brakes crunch as if the assembly is falling apart when breaking hard. Problem has persisted even after changing break pads and adjusting both front and rear systems.
January 7, 2013.

1. Have the tires balanced.
2. Check the light adjustment. If they are not aimed correctly, lighted area would be out soecs.
3. Have the brake rotor checked. Most likely they have runout and needs to be refaced or replaced.

Jan 7, 2013.