1994 Mercury Sable • 6 cylinder 4WD Automatic •

I noticed it was running a little hotter than normal. The gauge usually sits between the m And r, on the NORMAL range indicator.

I checked the fan motor and it was not working. I ran a hot wire to the battery and the fan spun fast. Which indicates that the problem is not the motor.

What is the most likely source of this problem? Is it the Constant Control Relay Module, the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, or Vehicle Speed Sensor?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
June 4, 2011.

Check and test the engine coolant temperature sensor and fan relay-

Jun 4, 2011.
Thanks for your help. I will have this checked out.

Jun 5, 2011.
Did you get you mercury sable working? I think mine is having the same problem and I just replace the CCRM and the fan still doesn't turn on, could it be that I need to replace the cooling temp sensor and get a new thermostat as well?

Jan 12, 2013.