1994 Chrysler LHS • 124,000 miles

While driving car will die. Replaced fuel pump and filter. Reset the computer and still dies while driving. What could be the issues? Thank you
April 5, 2013.

Please be more specific and include some details. What were you trying to reset on I assume the Engine Computer, and how did you attempt to do that? What led you to the fuel pump and filter? Those are very unlikely to cause stalling while driving. At what speeds does this stalling occur? Will the engine restart right away or after sitting for an hour? When you have an engine problem, please list the engine size. Two were available and they're quite different. Have you checked for diagnostic fault codes? Have you checked for spark right after it stalls?

Apr 5, 2013.
Check your crank sensor, right next to your thermostat housing, my car was doing the same thing the code came up bad sensor I replaced it no more problems good luck to ya.

Apr 10, 2013.
We don't even know which engine this is but regardless, it's the camshaft position sensor that sits near the thermostat housing. The crankshaft position sensor is in the transmission bell housing on the passenger side. Also, diagnostic fault codes never say to replace parts. They only indicate the circuit or system that needs further diagnosis. The sensor itself will only be the cause of the problem about half of the time. It's good that you found the cause on your car but the least expensive and most effective way to solve a problem is by diagnosing it, not throwing parts at it.

Apr 10, 2013.