1994 Buick Park Avenue • 2WD Automatic • 189,000 miles

I have a 1994 Buick Park Avenue. It will start And run for about 2 seconds. I replaced the fuel Pump, the PCM (switched The EPROM)and, replaced the battery, checked the alternator, replaced the relay, checked the fuses I can find, checked continuity through the fuel pump relay board, replaced the fuel pressure sender applied direct current to the fuel pump from the battery and the car will keep running. Other symptoms are: Door locks just buzz. Drivers power seat went dead, trunk pulldown quit, power windows are not working
May 22, 2011.

Could be anti theft, the wires break at key cylinder, or oil level low, oil pressure sensor cuts fuel pump off when pressure is low, also check the grounds under the drivers carpet at rocker, they grounded to aluminum and it tends to corrode there.

May 22, 2011.
It wouldn't be the security system because this car used PassKey which disables the starter. The oil pressure switch is NOT designed to interrupt the fuel pump supply. It is used as a redundant power supply to the fuel pump in case of relay failure, however a shorted oil pressure switch can short the circuit so try unplugging the switch. You need to monitor the fuel pressure while trying to start it to see exactly how it is responding for any further diagnosis.

May 22, 2011.