1994 Acura Integra • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 175,000 miles

Why wont my car start, when I turn on the ignition nothing comes on, this started after the inside of my car was smoking on my way back from school after I pulled over to check it out the car wouldnt start back up, the dash lights wont even come on the horn wont blow clock wont come on the engine doesnt even attempt to turn over silence when I turn the key and after I let go a click is heard but other then that nothing no accesory or dash lights
December 8, 2010.

If you had smoke in the car, something had shorted and your fortunate that fire was not a result. It is hard to say what it was. Has there been anything aftermarket added, like a stereo, alarm, or something that could have played a part in causing this type of problem?

Dec 9, 2010.
I know it was something electrical that shorted out because it had that smell thats why I pulled as soon as I could, there is an after market stereo system but that has been installed on the car for who knows how long. Although it may put be putting alot of strain on the car`s electrical system because I have noticed before after I had been playin the stereo for a while, while driving after I turned the car off something smelled like it was burn I just though it was my old amp. Could this really cause my car to completely not start at all?

Dec 9, 2010.