1993 Toyota Corolla • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic •

Is there a EGR valve on my toyota corolla ae101 4afe 1993 model automatic transmission
November 27, 2010.


Yes there is an EGR Valve on the engine. It should be on the drivers side rear of engine.


Nov 27, 2010.
Sir I cant find the EGR valve maybe I have no EGR valve its a japanese made toyota corolla. And now having a check engine what are things that make my check engine light thanks

Nov 27, 2010.
Most likely a sensor, short E1 and Te1 on diagnostic link to retrieve codes, check engine light will flash.

Nov 27, 2010.
Here is a diagram of dlc....


Nov 29, 2010.
Ok, I don't believe the Japanese Made Models have EGR Valves.

Nov 29, 2010.
Sirs I connect the E1 and the Te1 on the diagnostic link but when I switch on
(not started)the check engine only flashes what does this mean. Thanks

Nov 29, 2010.
Ok, you will need to pay close attention to the flashes. There will be a series of them and look something like this.

Flash (short pause) flash flash = 12

flash flash (short pause a second or 2) flash flash flash = 23

And so on

Now a long pause (4 - 5 seconds) between flashes indicated new code.

You may need to repeat the proceedure a few times just to make sure you are counting correctly.

Engine Codes.

12 Engine RPM Signal.
13 Engine RPM Signal.
14 Ignition Signal.
16 ECT Control Signal.
21 Oxygen Sensor (OS) Signal.
22 Water Temperature Sensor (THW) Signal.
24 Intake Air Temperature Sensor (THA) Signal.
25 Air/Fuel ratio lean.
26 Air/Fuel ratio rich.
27 Sub-oxygen sensor signal.
28 Main Oxygen Sensor (OS) Signal.
31 Air Flow Meter Signal.
32 Air Flow Meter Signal.
41 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).
42 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Signal.
43 Starter Circuit Signal.
51 Switch Condition Signal.
52 Knock Control Signal.
71 EGR system malfunction.

Nov 30, 2010.