1993 Subaru Impreza • 228,000 miles

How is the battery indicator light replaced? Where is it located and could this cause an issue with the alternator not charging the battery if it were out?
March 24, 2013.

The light is located behind the dash cluster. It may or may not be replacable depending on the bulb. Does it come on when you turn the key on but not start the car? To make sure you can change it, first go to the parts department and see if there is a bulb you can replace. If so I have attached the pic where the screw are located There isnt' much on how to remove.
Also, for free you can go to AutoZone or O’Reilly’s and ask them to check your charging system, your battery and alternator. They can check to see if your battery is bad and your alternator is charging in the car.

Mar 24, 2013.