1993 Saturn SL1 • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual •

After researching this site and others, here is how I can best explain this scenario.

Engine is the 1.9L SOHC LK0 or L24

Situation: While driving to work, my friend's car "seemed to be loosing power." When she got to work, parked it, only later to unsuccessfully start the car. The car was towed to a garage.

The garage said that she "broke" her timing chain and that it would need to be replaced and there might be possible engine damage.

So, after research, I feel I can replace the "broken" timing chain. If I did, I would buy a replacement kit, which includes the sprockets, the guides the tensioner and a new chain. Not really a big deal it seems.

However, as I have learned, since this engine is an "interference" engine, it is likely that upon failure of the timing chain, that any number of the valves could be bent and possibly the pistons bent as well.


1. Is there a way I can (relatively) easily check to see if the valves and/or pistons are damaged?

2. If it is only bent valves, can I just replace the valves and get away with it?

3. If not, and the valves need replaced, what other valve related parts need replaced?

4. About 5 days prior to this problem, she had her oil pan replaced - could that have led to this problem, since the tensioner seems to be actuated hydraulically by the oil (i.E. A poor oil pan installation led to oil leakage, led to no tensioner actuation, led to chain slippage, etc.)?

June 3, 2011.

You already removed the harmonic balancer thats what was held on by the 21mm bolt sounds like a great plan. The part your asking about in the front cover is the oil pump I would also removed the cover inspect the oil pump etc.I recommend getting a pci timming set they have some good prices on ebay the sets come with gears chain tenisor and guides.I could even recommend a seller on ebay that I got a timming set from for a saturn if you want.I also recommend you use permatex ultra grey silicone to reseal the oil pan and the font cover. Also get coolant that is phosphate free.

Jun 13, 2011.
The timing set is about 63.

Jun 13, 2011.