1993 Saturn Sedan • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic •

Was driving car and the engine shut down and will not start and I have spark. Engine rotates but does not even try to start.
December 22, 2010.

Have you checked fuel pump pressure? If you have a good hot blue snapping spark, then either timing is out, low compression, or there is no fuel to the engine. Check fuel pump pressure and make sure the injectors are getting power. If you need additional information or help, let me know.

Use a gage and check fuel pressure. Any applicable codes? You could try some starter fluid in the intake, but, there are safety issues using starter fluid. I usually take the air-duct loose from the throttle-body, open the throttle valve, squirt a little in, stand back away from the vehicle, have helper crank it, to see if it will try to start. Safety using that spray is your responsibility not mine. I've never had any problems, but, if you start a fire or blow something up, that's on you.

Dec 22, 2010.