1993 Pontiac Bonneville • 177,000 miles

Car srarts fine when it is cold but after the motor get to a little over 200 degrees it spits and sputters and then dies out and will not start back up until the motor has cooled down to under 100 degrees what could this possibly be I have replaced numeruse parts and hasnt fixed a single thing please help me with this issue its very fisterating
February 18, 2013.

Any applicable mil codes? You should be able to check those codes, yourself. You use a jumper wire at the A & B terminals of the datalink connector. Turn key just till the dash lites come on, no further. The mil on the dash starts flashing, you count the flashes to get the codes, your looking for two digit codes.

When the problem occurs, have a helper crank it while you visuall check for spark at the spark plugs. If you have spark everywhere use a gage and check fuel pressure.

Feb 18, 2013.