1993 Plymouth Laser • 160 miles

I need to time the distributor to the cam shaft. How do I get the distributor at number 1 when the cam shaft is at top dead center on cylinder number 1. ( We changed the head gasket and took the distributor out and am trying to reassemble)
March 16, 2013.

Did you mark the rotor and distributor housing, before you removed the dist? If so, just line-up the marks. Your sure number one is on tdc? If you didnt mark anything, just stab the distributor as close as possible to original position. When you stab the distributor, which ever spark plug tower the rotor is pointing at is number 1, then follow the firing around the cap in coreect direction. If the spark plug wires are put back in original position, you may need to switch spark plkug wires around, if they wont reach. That procedure may not work on all makes and models, but, I believe it will work on yours.

Mar 16, 2013.
You bring the crankshaft to TDC (top dead center) of the compression stroke, On the crank angle sensor there is a drive blade that has a notch, you align that notch to the punch mark on the crank angle sensor.

Mar 16, 2013.
If crank has timing marks, it will have to be close enough that you can see timing marks. The rotor doesnt know which spark plug tower is number 1, it just spins around.

Mar 16, 2013.
Hi Randico, didnt see your post. Have a good day.

Mar 21, 2013.