1993 Opel Kadett

Good Day

I have a 1993 Opel Kadett 1600 GSE, Pierburg carburetor model, which keeps on cutting out. I've narrowed the problem down as the computer box (tested my computer box in a monza and the monza's box in the kadett, the kadett ran fine, but the monza started giving the same problem after a week or 2). I tried to get the box tested and fixed, but no one can give me a definite answer as the problem is on and of, it'll run fine for a couple of weeks and then just start cutting out, then I'd scratch around with it and it stops giving problems for a while again.
I'm just looking for some details on this computer box. All that's on is is the name Dupec and the number 16, and as far as I can figure out, Dupec is a South African company that does cheaper electronic parts that replaces Bosch parts. Can anyone give me info on these computer box, or the original Bosch it comes with, a model number or something that I can look it up on where to buy it?

thank you in advance
January 31, 2013.

Have you checked your dustributor because sometime they loose firing and the car dies. There is a small black electronic box inside when you remove the cap so sometime it does not corrospond to your computerbox. Mine had the same problem so I overhauled the carb plus changed the computer box and I still had the same problem.I don't say it is the problem with your car but I'll advise you to check it.

Mar 19, 2013.