1993 Mercedes Benz SL600 • V12 •

There's a 1993 SL600 listed for sale that has thrown a rod. While the owner is only askng $1,200 for it, what type of work is involved. I'm guessing that it is an interference engine and the head will need replace.

Anything else you can think of?

It's a project that I might take on myself. What type of $$$ is involved if a shop is doing the labor. (Not a M-B dealer but a regualar shop)

Is it worth my time to bring it back to life and still make a few $$$ on it?

If I wanted to track down a used engine and have it installed, is there a cutoff for making the project still profitable?

August 3, 2011.

If it has thrown a rod, there is a fair chance that the engine is beyond repair, I would not be getting involved with it as a re build, it will be a very expensive exercise indeed.

Aug 4, 2011.