1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 4WD Automatic • 75,000 miles

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee mileage: 75,000. My jeep would not stay running. It would start but not stay running. It has been broken down for seven weeks and has had five fuel pumps put in, all from Chrysler. It has been at a dealership service department for three weeks and four weeks before that at another garage. The fuel pumps all go out within minutes to a couple of days after being put in. The dealership seems to be at a loss. They have checked out electrical problems. What could be the problem?

December 10, 2010.

There may be a faulty fuel pressure regulator that is causing the fuel pump failure. In addition, if you have a poor ground connection grounding the fuel pump, the fuel pump will fail.

Dec 10, 2010.
This car is also a 93 grand cherokee. We have a new fuel pump, crank & cam sensor fuel pressure regulator +++ I feel it is something to do w/ the secutity module, can that be? Maybe a short in the stop light in the rear window, the electric windows we have put in a new computor I need help! Thank you. L.T.

Sep 16, 2011.
What is the problem you are facing? Can you provide more details of the problem and what had been done?

Sep 17, 2011.