1993 Jaguar XJ40 • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 125,000 miles

My 1993 XJ6 is Smoking from either the exhaust header, looks
like from under the chrome cover or where the headers &
pipes are bolted together, It is as if there is oil on the
pipe burning off, But I cleaned the whole area beforehand
and I don't see any kind of discharge when its running, As
the car gets up to normal operating temp, it starts smoking
from that area. The oil has been changed & is still clean
looking, Also, Not losing any antifreeze. Basically, I don't
see any kind of leakage, Just smoking, Grey smoke.
September 26, 2011.

Check closely for oil leaks from the valve cover gasket on to the exhaust manifold. Also, does it smell like oil?

Hi, No, It dosent smell like oil & I dont see any oil leaks, It was suggested that there may be a coolant drain plug behind the header that may be loose & misting coolant on the header? I am going to try and check that tomorrow.
Thanks for the input, Id hate to have an engine fire.

Sep 26, 2011.
I understand. Coolant will have a sweet smell to it.