1993 Honda Civic

My factory stereo wire harness was cut, I tried to solder an Aftermarket harness for a new JVC radio. I soldered
AEM 12volt-Factory red/yel 12volt . AEM ground-ground . AEM constant yel- whit/blu constant

then I turned on the car but the stereo didn't turn on. I think the factory wires are plugged in because the 12 volt n black touched n the made a noise.

I dont know much about electric, I need to know more and how to make this stereo work.
August 26, 2011.

There is a blue wire that turns on your power antennae and amplifiers. Have you got an extra light blue wire on the aftrmarket harness?
I don't have a wiring diagram, but if you get a repair manual from your local parts store, (usually a Haynes manual) for $20-$30, they do have decent wiring diagrams.
Have you idntified the factory speaker wires? You need to impendence match spekaers and stereo, eg. Resistance in Ohms. If you don't they will either sound bad or not work.
Did the diplay on the stereo come on at all?
Sometimes there is an in-line relay or fuse on the power lead, did you find a boc on the factory wiring?
It really is tough unless you can get a wiring diagram.

Tes I have a diargram but I was just wondering why the stereo didnt turn on, im gonna check the fuse boxes today but could it be anything else besides the fuse box?

Aug 27, 2011.
Is the atereo brand new?
Go online and lookup JVC. Com and they will have what color wire
goes with which OEM wire.
Then other thab the fuse, (there might be 2. One under dash the other under hood.