1993 Honda Civic • 159,929 miles

Bought the 1993 Honda civic hatchback cheap $975 he wanted $2,800 I got it lowered a lot. Well he lived close to the water and after Hurricane Sandy water got on carpet and reached ecu it looks very rusted he sold it to me with a new/used ecu it has a slight puddle under the wires but they seem ok. Will the car be affected badly or can I plug in the new ecu replaced the defective starter and it will run fine?

February 5, 2013.

Flood cars are nothing but a headache and the problems will get worse as time goes on and connections and parts get rusted.

Can you give it back?


No I believe I cant.
I removed the seats and about to pull off the carpet. Theres water trapped underneath. Was planning to take out all the water, clean carpet and reinstall. &Amp; attempt to plug the used ecu. Attempt to jump the car to see if it will run at least. Dont mind finding parting out civics and redoing wiring harnesses. As a ASE certified tech do you believe itll run.

Feb 6, 2013.
If water had not gottein into the engine and damaged other sensors, the engine should run if everything is working. Without plugging in the ECU, you can't tell.

Feb 7, 2013.