1993 GMC Sierra • 275,000 miles

Hi. My truck started acting up a few weeks ago. I went to start it & when I released the key the starter kept spinning/truck didnt start & the only way I got the starter to stop was to unhook battery. I hooked the battery back up & got a boost but continued to do the same thing when I turned key(starter kept cranking engine over when key was released/no start. I put a new battery in & the truck fired right up. It ran gr8 for a few weeks but now have the same issue. I changed the starter & now it cranks the engine over & stops when I release the key but engine still wont start. I changed the ignition switch actuator still no start. It has spark & when I pour fuel down carb it fires up for a bit. Fuses are good & fuel pump relay clicks like it should. Fuel pump is dead now. I'm sure why it fired right up with a new battery & now am changing all this stuff to try to get it to run. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Darcy
January 5, 2013.

Sounds like you answered your own question. The fuel pump is dead. Have the pressure checked to verify but I think that is what needs to be replaced.