1993 Ford Explorer

Piman seal replacement.I replaced seals and it still blew out. Is there a certain way the presser seal sit. Open end on top or bottom
November 9, 2012.

I cannot find anything reffered to as a "Piman" seal. So please let me know if that is a typo. I did look up, "Pitman" seal and could not find that either. I am assuming it is a steering column or front suspension seal as that is what it sounds like, so I am attaching several diagrams of the steering and suspension to see if it helps. Although I could not find any seal that could be installed on top or bottom of anything as I could tell. So, look at what I send you and maybe you can tell me where I should be looking for this seal and give me an idea of where it is and what components it will be sealing.
Then I will be able to better give you diagrams and instructions on how to installl it properly.

The gear box lower unit. The last diagram.I removed the shaft that conects to the pitman arm. Theres the pressure seal, dust seal, then the lock ring. Is the pressure seal put in with open end on top or bottom cause when I put it together it still pored out fluid

Nov 9, 2012.
It appears that the inner seal goes with the open side facing in. You might check the shaft for any scratches. Also make sure that the seal is a good snug fit to the shaft. Also, are you using a seal installer that allows you to make sure the seal is square or installed so it is flat against the inner surface and not cocked sideways at all becasue it must be peredndicular to the shaft to make sure the lip of the seal will be evenly pressed against the shaft all the way around.

Otherwise I am sort of stumped. I would check the innner diameter of the seal and outer diameter of the shaft and make sure you have the correct dimensions and the corrcet seal number.