1993 Eagle Summit • 180 miles

Where to find replacement connectors? Recently replaced distributor for this 2.4l sohc 4g64/63. The problem is the connector is damaged and causing shorts to the distributor. Where can you get a replacement connector? It's a 6 pin connector and a lot of after market manufacturers make the male part that is part of the distributor. I can't find a female unless I buy a thousand piece set. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. The image included looks exactly like the connector I need to find.
October 17, 2012.

Start at the Chrysler dealership. They have repair kits with that thousands of terminals but they're only going to sell you what you need. If they can no longer get the plastic body, try searching in a salvage yard. Do a search on the internet for "Pull-A-Part" and see if you're near a city with one of their yards. They're very clean, well-organized, and parts are areal inexpensive. Try some different parts stores. They all have huge catalogs with nothing but connectors. It's the one on the distributor side you mentioned that is normally NOT available because you get that with a new distributor. The harness side is what they typically offer.

As a last resort, if you can tighten the terminals so they make a solid electrical connection, and hold them in position to work properly, use a Q-tip to spread a light coating of grease around the good part of the plastic body, connect the terminals and hold them separated, then squeeze in some RTV silicone gasket sealer and let it set up for a few hours. That makes a great insulator and when hard, it will hold the terminals in place. The grease will prevent your makeshift connector from sticking to the other half of the connector.

A better solution is to just install a totally different connector. Find one in the salvage yard with enough terminals for your application and splice it on both ends. Be sure to seal every splice with heat-shrink tubing, never electrical tape. The drawback is you'll have to do that on the distributor side again if you ever have to replace it in the future.

Oct 17, 2012.
Found a replacement connector at a salvage yard. Used 18-22 awg and 14 -16 awg heat shrinkable weather proof splice connectors to pig tail in. Heatgun to clean it all up. Fired it up, works great. Case has a btdc and T mark with about 5 hashes in between. T is total and BTDC is idle? Now the problem is finding what the factory idle and total timing is supposed to be w/o a manual. 5 advance idle? And 25 total?

Oct 30, 2012.