1993 Dodge Stealth • 135,000 miles

Car will start fine but will not hold idle once warmed up. Dies after running for about 10 minutes. Computer reads barometric pressure sensor code. I bought a new IAC and map sensor in hopes that would work but I cannot seem to find map sensor. Could you give me an exact location for the map sensor in a 1993 Dodge Stealth SOHC base model? Thank you in advance for the help.

October 29, 2012.

It's built int to the airflow sensor on air cleaner

Oct 29, 2012.
The barometric pressure sensor is in the MAF itself. I have tried to change it with no effect. I have also replaced the fuel pressure regulator, all 6 injectors, plugs and wires, distributor cap, and ignition coil. I believe the IAC is fairly new, but bought another replacement that I will put in this week. I bought the MAP sensor from advanced auto. It has 3 prongs for a plug and a port for a vacuum hose. I have the service manuals for 93 stealth and cannot find any mention of a MAP sensor. The part is year and model specific, but is it possible the car does not have one?

Oct 30, 2012.
Read the previous answer.

Oct 30, 2012.