1993 Buick Century • 14,300 miles

After driving a few miles I slowed down to make a turn and my car started jerking, then I came to a stop sign pressed on the breaks n it started jerking n I could hear a grinding noise. I then pulled in to a parking lot n it jerked n grinned n died before I could put it in park I started it back up n pressed on the brakes n put it in gear n it died again I tried to put it in reverse n died also , I let it cool for a few minutes started it n it drove fine until I came to a stop n it was shaking n locked up n died before I could stop the car myself, It would start but would not go in any gear, I could put it in neutral n it would stay on I later had someone bring a Trailer to get my car home. The car did start n go into gear to load it on the trailer n unloaded I have not tried to drive it again plz help
January 17, 2013.

Sounds like the transmission has failed. Check the fluid level. Beyond that, it may have to come out to be inspected for failure


Jan 17, 2013.