1993 Acura Integra • 130,000 miles

For the past 6-8 years my Interior Blower would shut completely Off, then I'd toggle the Recirculate/Fresh air lever back and forth and it would come right back On - This happened maybe 3-5 times a year - Now, the Blower does Not work at all - The A/C Green push-on Light does light and I hear the A/C compressor (which knocks down the RPM's when on), but the blower does not blow nor make a sound at all - I have checked all Fuses under the dash And hood as well as the 40A Heater Screw-out Fuse and the circuits are all closed so, they are good - Help very much appreciated
February 5, 2013.

Check the blower fan motor. Give the housing some banging with your hands and if the fan turns on, it is due for replacement.

Feb 6, 2013.
Problem FIXED! Turns out it was a Burned/Corroded BLU/WHT Wire = Scraped off to make better contact, Crimped down the Plug-in "curls" on the plug, plugged back in and All Working - My guess as to what caused it is; that during the Summer when I run the A/C and I turn car off, it Drizzles Water from the Condenser down on the passenger side Floor mat and I think it made its 1st stop at that Blower Motor SWITCH; Corroding and Shorting it - So, check the 2-conductor plug first!

Jun 17, 2013.
Thanks for the input and glad to know you have fixed the problem.

Jun 18, 2013.