1992 Toyota Tercel • 160,000 miles

The car is idling a little high and hesitating on take off. When stopped it sounds as if water is running through the dashboard or boiling. The coolant is not staying in the radiator but no leak has been detected. No water on ground or smell of coolant.
He was told the gasket is warped and that it may be affecting the valves?
January 26, 2012.

Is it steaming out exhaust pipe?

Jan 26, 2012.
What "Gasket" the water pump, the valve cover gasket, the HEAD gasket? Take a photo of "the gasket" area you are referring to please. Now go to the front passenger seat reach down pull up the floor mat and feel the floor, is it WET? If so your heater core is leaking, its up under the dash behind the glove box and it looks like a small radiator ( which it is). There are 2 hoses in the engine compartment that bring hot coolant thru the passenger side firewall to the heater core. One brings hot coolant the other takes it back. To bypass the leaking heater core temporarly remove the 2 hoses from the firewall and connect them together making a loop. Now you can drive WITHOUT A HEATER and not loose all your coolant and burn up the engine! Save money & fix the heater core while being able to drive your car.

No wet floor? Keep filling your radiator and overflow bottle with COOLANT (Water will rust things inside your radiator ruining it) and keep an eye on your motor oil. If you see white milky crud in your oil you just found your coolant leak. Also check your radiator cap that it works AND is the proper TEMPERATURE and RELEASE PRESSURE. A wrong radiator cap can blow your head gasket!

Hot Rodd Tercell
Apr 6, 2012.