1992 Toyota Camry • 200,000 miles

The car began to shimmy and shake while driving at approx. 45 MPH. There was also a creaking or knocking sound coming from the front right side. I checked for a flat or low tire but all was fine. It was an unusually cold morning. My thoughts are it is something to do with my suspension, wheel or brakes. What do you think?
February 18, 2013.

Of course it is. No car comes from the manufacturer that way. Have it inspected at a tire and alignment shop. They will identify loose and worn parts that are a safety concern long before you hear noises or develop bad tire wear. Any kind of shaking means the steering and suspension systems were ignored too long. They will normally get a quick glance during a routine oil change, and a more thorough inspection will be recommended when necessary.

Feb 18, 2013.