1992 Pontiac Lemans

I have a 92 pontiac lemans with 78,555 original miles on it. It has a 4 cyl. Emgine with an automatic transmission. This car sat undriven for about 2 years and we are trying to get it running again. It has had oil, plugs, distributer cap and roter, and all filters changed. Also the gas tank was drained and refilled. The car is very sluggish to start and has to be primed for ten minutes to start once the motor is allowed to cool. Also the engine overheats with plenty of coolant in it, and the car runs as if it is out of gas even though it has a full tank, and also the feul guage is not working at all. What could the problem be and what could the solutions be?
May 29, 2007.

Im in the same exact situation, my car has a little over 80000 miles on it and its been sitting in the driveway for about 2 years, have you figured out what any of the problems for your car has been

Mar 27, 2008.
Have you still got the Lemans'?

Jan 2, 2012.
When it runs, is there any smoke from the exhaust?

Fill the tank with pure gasoline, no ethanol. My sister has one of these cars and it won't start on E10 without using starting fluid, even in winter, and it runs terribly.

Put pure, no ethanol fuel in it and it runs great and gets much better MPG.

Sep 17, 2012.