1992 Pontiac Firebird • 142,763 miles

Recently my fuel pump went out on me. I changed it along with my fuel filter and my fuel pump relay. Now my car stutters on take off and trys to die on me. It has very poor aceleration. I believe my egr is bad. But that part is very expensive. So I wanted to see if I could get some advice as to what else it could possibly be before buying it. Is there anyway u can clean those egr valves. Help me with this issue please. Thank u.
March 30, 2013.

Get a fuel pressure gauge and connect it to your vehicle record the fuel pressure at idle, during take-off and at cruise. Post those pressures here or compare them to specification (sure you can find them online).
Might by low fuel pressure (clogged line, leak, ect).

However, if you want, you can clean your EGR by removing it from the egine and cleaning it with carb/throttle cleaner. Also clean out the EGR intake ports.

Mar 30, 2013.
It idles rough. But it alwaus has for the last 6 months that o had the car. Then the pump went bad so I replaced the pump fuel filter and the relay. But the only new thing it foea now is hesitate to take off. And at times I would here a pop come from the tailpipe. And it would take off slowly. But it seems like when the car warms up it runs better. Can this actions hurt my car if I keep driving it like this.

Mar 30, 2013.
Double checkthe ignition (spark plug) wires to be sure it wired properly.
I don't know your engine size but these are the firiing order for the most popular engiines.

Mar 31, 2013.