1992 Nissan 180SX

Hello, please I need your help, I use 1992 Nissan Primera wagon 2.0 slx, automatic transmission, at first it was consuming fuel after a lot of try from my mechanic, we bought a new carburator(it uses electric type) then it wok fine, but just two weeks ago, it just stop on the way, we have try all we can yet it not working, it keeps rolling but won't start, the plugs are sparking well, fuel pump is working, brain box checked on another car, it working as well, carburator changed yet still not responding, please can you advice me.
February 10, 2012.

If you have spark and fuel, it should run. Make sure the injectors are working, check to make sure the plugs are not soaked with gas. Also, if that is all good, check timing.

That is the problem Jacobandnickolas, we have checked the timing, it's correct, check the plugs, its not soaking, infact I bought a new plugs again, it's not using injector but carburator with electric control, that is also working.
Some one was suggesting we should check the cylinder if the valves are not bent, but I feel it should not go to that extend since the timing chain in intact and there was no any form form of noise before the car stopped working.
Please help me out, am really confused.

Feb 11, 2012.
Are the plugs getting wet with gas?

Hello, many thanks to you. The plugs are not wet with gas. Before it was getting wet but after checking timing, changing carburator its not getting wet again. When starting, the engine keeps rolling and sometimes pick up and drop again with minute

Feb 13, 2012.
i have been expecting your reply. Any hint on what to do?

Feb 15, 2012.
Will the engine run with starting fluid?

Many thanks,
i have not used it, unfortunately I have not heard about it before, in fact I don't even know how to go about it.
Is that the only thing I need to do or I can do some thing else aside that?
Kindly advice me.

Feb 16, 2012.
Starting fluid is not a permanent fix. It just helps the engine start under bad conditions. It is just sprayed into the throttle body. You should be able to get it at any parts store and then just follow the directions on the bottle.