1992 Mitsubishi Diamante • 4 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 110,000 miles

1992 Mitsubishi Diamante mileage: 110,000. I was told my car needed the valve seals in the engine replaced, and my husband wants to do the work himself. The problem is we can't find a repair manual or any other information to help him. Can you help us find any kind of manual, video, etc. For my car? Can you give me any advice on any of the above to replace the valve seals and/or rebuild the whole engine? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated, if my husband can do the work himself it will save us at least $1,500.00.
November 10, 2010.

If you are considering rebuilding your engine, we would suggest getting an already rebuilt engine and “swapping” it for yours. To replace the valve stem seals, remove the cams and apply air pressure in the spark plug hole to hold the valves up. Next, remove the valve keepers and retainers to expose the seal.

Nov 10, 2010.