1992 Isuzu Trooper • 260,000 miles

The ecm last year went into back up timing mode do to extreme exhaust leak. Since then all repairs have been made. No diagnostic equipment was ever used to read or clear the ecm, resulting in several months of off and on limp mode. This happened in winter, at temps. Of 32 degrees or o degrees celci us. Now the same time of year and temperature the 3.2litre 1992 tropper was running great, came out to start it and it would only turn over. Also the heater is not working yet all fuses in and out of vehicle have continuity. My question to you is can it be possible to restore the ecm's internal internal clock to a time pryer to these events or some other method without the use of any dianostic tools
December 20, 2012.

Check aboce link on how to retrieve trouble codes and let us know what they are.

Dec 20, 2012.