1992 Cadillac Deville • 135,000 miles

Ok so I am still cutting off my catalytic converter on my 1992 Cadillac Deville. I finally bought a diamond cutting wheel and it cuts like magic. My two questions are when I finally get the catalytic convert cut off in the back. It should just slide out right. I cut the back off first. My dad said he has never had luck with any catalytic converters. He said it is almost like it is welded in their. So he usually cuts both sides. He said he has tried wd40 and it does nothing. My next question is when I finally cut the converter out completely can I start the car. My dad said I could but only for a short time. He said I would burn the valves up. I want to start it to see what it sounds like then I want to floor it just to see how loud it gets. Thanks.
November 1, 2012.

Wrong move removing the cat. Federal violation. You should replace it with a low flow converter.

Back pressure is important.

Never rev it especailly with the miles, let alone the motor you have which has a very high failure rate under normal conditions


No man I have the new catalytic converter. I know it has to be put back on. The converter was clogged. It was the original one. It has never been changed out. I got a magnaflow catalytic converter.

Nov 1, 2012.