1992 Acura Legend

So I bought my car approx two months ago, and was only able to drive it for a week and then it pooched. Basically whats going on with it is it won't start without eather, when she does start for the first five or ten minutes she revs up and down on her own. I've had four seperate mechanics look at it and the things that were fixed are; My external Ignition module, My fuel pump, my coils, my fuel filter, my battery and the cords, (thought it wasn't holding a charge cause of the battery) And I have my car out in southy as a mechanic is trying to fix it and he can't think of anything else. Basically what he told me is the fuel is going through the fuel line but not reaching the fuel injectors. Any advice?
April 6, 2013.

He should test the operation of the fuel injectors and check the resistance of each injector and the camshaft sensor.

Apr 6, 2013.