HOW ???

1991 Toyota Previa • 255,000 miles

I do not know what the problem is, but it is in fact that after the sensor is cleaned idle speed switch gears started earlier than you need. And it does not depend on how I hit the gas pedal. The 2nd gear is switched to 25km/h, third in the 45km/h, 4th in the 75km/h. And before that it depends on how I hit the gas pedal. We changed the idle assembly with a sensor, in place on the used. But the same result. Thank you for help.
March 7, 2012.

Did you perform the test I outlined previously?

Do the following and see what you come up with.

NOTE: Perform manual shifting test if no fault codes exist. Manual
shifting test determines if problem area is in electrical
circuits or a mechanical transmission problem.


1. With ignition off, disconnect electrical connector for solenoids from rear of transmission.

2. Road test vehicle and ensure transmission gear changes corresponds with shift lever position. See GEAR APPLICATION table.

3. If abnormality exists, a mechanical transmission problem exists. If all gears are correct, perform trouble shooting in accordance with the symptom. Turn ignition off.

4. Reconnect electrical connector. Clear fault codes from ECT ECU memory, as disconnecting electrical connector may set a fault code.

Jun 19, 2012.