1991 Toyota Pickup • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual •

My 1001 toyota pickup piston & rings. What is the least dia. I can use and the biggest I can use. What is the standard size for the truck. Is it.020" or the.030".
June 5, 2011.

Standard size is referred as STD and is usually stamped on the piston crown, repair over size is usually in.005" increments, never re bore more than required to obtain a new bore size, the bore will have to be measured with an internal micrometer to attain the correct repair size needed.

Jun 5, 2011.
The shop doing the job should be able to advise you on the corect oversize to use if reboring is required.

The limit for oversized pistons for most vehicles would be 0.040".

0.020 is the 2nd oversize available.

Jun 5, 2011.