1991 Toyota Pickup • 6 cylinder 4WD Manual • 145,000 miles

I want to replace the fuel filter in my 1991 yota 4/4 6 cylinder but have no idea how to do so.
November 16, 2010.

NOTE: If vehicle has been operated within an hour, the fuel system is probably under pressure and requires caution when removing filter union bolts.

1.Locate the fuel filter on the right frame rail underneath of the passenger compartment.
2.Slowly loosen the filter union bolts. Some gasoline may escape, so ensure that the potential for fire is minimized.
3.Remove the union bolts and four gaskets.
4.Loosen filter clamp and slip filter from clamp.

1.Slip new filter into clamp. Ensure that flow arrows are in the correct direction.
2.Position filter in the middle of the clamp and tighten filter clamp.
3.Reinstall both union bolts with four new gaskets.
4.Torque union bolts to 18 Nm (13 ft lbs) . DO NOT overtighten union bolts.
5.Clean any gasoline that may have escaped.
6.Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.

Nov 16, 2010.
Also remove front drivers side wheel and rock guard panel, access through the inner tie rod hole.

Use a line wrench to remove lower connection, BE VERY CAREFULL not to round that nut. It is a double inverted flare connection, like a brake line connector.

Nov 16, 2010.