1991 Toyota MR2

Hello I am trying to replace the timing belt on my kids 91 mr 2 ! And I can't get the bolt out of the crankshaft pully, I have even used a 1 inch drive impact ! I don't want to break the bolt. Does any body have any suggestions?
December 23, 2012.

Crankshaft pulley bolts are always tough on any car. I am surprised a 1" impact would not get it. Toyota, as many import companies do probably makes a crankshaft holding tool which you can most likely find aftermarket to save money. Just look up the tool on an internet search and see if you can get it that way. Advance Auto or Auto Zone may have one in their loaner tool program. I had a friend remove one on a Honda and he had to get a chain link fence post and stand on it to get the bolt to move. But, if he ahd broken it it would require a serious drill bit to repair.
Get some PB Blaster or WD40, PB is better, and soak it and wipe it of and soak it overnight as many times as possible. You want to be careful if you use any heat as you may damage the main seal. I have seen people place a wrench on the bolt and then the frame and use the starter motor to break it free, I would not reccomend it but I have tried it and it did not work for me. It all depends on if you can get the wrench wedged in on something where it won't move. It is also dangerous and could cause damage though. But I got desperate. I was working on an Eclipse and ended up cutting the lower lip off the timing belt cover off and slipping the belt in through the slot I had made and then I got some tubing and slit it down the middle length-wise and siliconed it in place of the area where I cut off the timing belt cover. I had tried for days to get the bolt off and had little choise. So, you are not alone and it is just tough. They are designed to not come off. They definately do that.

I don't know if you got the pulley off or not. I just did a timing belt & water pump on my 93 mr2 and you can make the tool to get the bolt loose with two box end wrenches. Take the wrenches ( booth ends need to be box end ) and the right length along with two metal pins to go in the holes in the pulley or bolts if the holes are threaded. Now take the wrenches & run a bolt thru one end of each wrench to bolt them together in a V shape now put the pins in the pulley and the V shape tool on the pulley with the pins thru each box end of the V tool with the tool flush to the pulley and wedge it against the frame. Now just break the bolt loose and your on your way. ( The pins can be a short screw driver, a punch, any hardened steel.) Then use the same steps in reverse to torque the crank bolt

Dec 31, 2012.
That sounds plausible. Sometimes you have to get creative with this bolt. Check enthusiast forums for your car as you will find information from other people who have done it as well.

It worked like a charm. I had that pulley off in about 3 minutes. However it took some time to think about it. And after looking at the Toyota special tool and finding the local parts store had nothing I thought I can make one of those.

Jan 3, 2013.
I am glad to hear it worked out. Come back anytime you need help as you can see there are many helpful people here who have been in your situation before.