1991 Toyota Camry • 110,000 miles

I had my car inspected today and it passed but my problem is when I'm driving the vehicle it seems to make a loud noise at around 30 mph and will quite back down and stop when I pick up speed. But then it happens again at around 60 to 65 but will quite down once I'm up to about 70. It sounds like the noise is coming from either the engine or the rear passenger side. I'm pretty sure I need a new alternator though it has troubles starting in the morning I have to give it a jump. But I know it could just be the battery too.
February 3, 2013.

As far as the no start, have the battery load tested and the alternator tested at a parts store. Most will do it for free. Now for the noise, you said either the engine area or the rear of the car. That is opposite ends of the car. Lol Can you describe the noise and let me know if it is the front or rear? Thanks

I was driving it today and the noise seems like its coming out of the exhaust in the rear. When I put my windows down. It seems that is where most of the noise is coming from. It didn't seem to do it at 30 like I thought. It was more around 60 to 65 and at 70 mph the noise had stopped completely. Another thing, I'm not sure if it could just be my front tires. But sometimes while driving down the road on the interstate the front wheels seem like they wobble. I'm not sure but it may have did it more when I was turning on my highway. Thank you for the help.

Feb 8, 2013.