1991 Oldsmobile Ciera • 6 cylinder FWD •

Just had work done on my 1991 olds cutlass ciera because of overheating problem. I replaced the TPS sensor, water pump, thermostat, idle control sensor, idol control sender & idle control valve but after running the air conditioner for about 30-45 minutes the antifreeze in the overflow starts to boil. Had thw work done at a local AAMCO, Cost me over $500.00 already and I'm still having problems. THERE'S ALSO AN ODOR THAT'S NOT PLEASANT All this guessing by the mechanics & no solution is costly yet frustrating. HELP! Can anyone help. ANY/ALL CORRECT HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Thank you!

If it keeps overheating and the radiator is not clogged and no air in the system, no external leak-have it chemically and pressure tested to find out more

Aug 18, 2011.
Thanks Rasmataz, How is the testing done{chemically& pressured} on this vehicle? Yesterday white smoke and a funny smell was coming from the muffler. The problem seems to be getting worse. Thanks again.

Block chek-They use a liquid in bottle that changes color to ID if combustion gases is in the coolibng system.

Pressure test to ID where its leaking at-

Aug 20, 2011.