1991 Mercury Capri

Electrical problem
1991 Mercury Capri 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 183175 miles

Hello. I have a 1991 Mercury Capri XR2. My headlights will light up, but they will not raise (both). I checked all the fuses under the dash and none were blown. I didn't know if the headlight motors were electrical or vacuum. I have not taken the assymbly out yet, was waiting for some suggestions first.

I am trying to win an owners manual on eBay, which I hope has suggestions in it.

I have tried to locate a Hayne's manual, but I don't know if they made one for the '91-'94 model. The latest I could find was up to '86. I have emailed Hayne's to see if they produced one.

Please email me at whttail101@yahoo. Com.

Thanks for your help.

May 3, 2008.

This might be a tad late given the message date but factory manuals for the Aussie Caopri show up all the time on e-bay. As for the headlight problem, if neither work it could be a fuse, the switch or the relay. These are electric lights (not vacuum) and fairly tempermental. A goofle search will reveal several sites that tell you how to service them but if neither works or even tries to work I'd bet on one of the three things above. If the lights don't even turn on (you can see if their lit with the hood up) I'd bet on the switch.

Nov 28, 2008.
Also quite late but.I have a 91 xr2 also. There is a small fuse box also under the hood with the main fuses. The 20amp blue one controls the headlight motor. Might be blown or need replacing anyway. These fuses are available at any autozone or advanced auto. If not, the motor might be bad.

Jul 3, 2011.
As far as the headlamp door motor, Take the wiring connector loose. You can use jumper wires from the battery for voltage and ground, to open, brown wire is voltage, green wire is ground. To close, reverse the wires. If it operates, nothing wrong with door motor. You probably should use an inline fuse on one of the jumpers.

Sep 25, 2011.