1990 Toyota Corolla • 155 miles

Car was running great with no issues, low fuel light came on so I pull in to station and fill tank(10gal). Drive home about 1/2 mile no problem. Next day get in fire up and drive 50 yrds to stop sign.(No problem) I than turn left at intersection and car instantly bogs down and barely can pull it self back home. With car back home, I can put car in park and it idles normally and revs up fine. If I put car in any gear and brake torque it, I can put gas to the floor and it will just bog down like its starving for fuel if any load is put on it. Engine starts and idles normally.
I checked and have no codes stored and I have replaced fuel filter so far.
I hate to just start throwing parts at it!
Could I have gotten water in tank? I am at a loss and would greatly apprieciate any help!

January 12, 2013.

Inspect the fuel and see if its contaminated. Put some in a glass container and see if it has water in there

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 12, 2013.