1990 Plymouth Acclaim • 85,000 miles

I recently had a new alternator put in my 1990 plymouth acclaim, but because they no longer make the original part the mechanic had to put a different one in. Is this something that would cause problems with my car? Since the work has been done just over a month ago ive already shredded a brand new belt. I took it into bell tire and they tried replacing the belt but they said it was being shredded again and to take it to the dealership who said the part is wrong and I need a refurbished part which will cost me $700 on top of what I already paid for the new alternator.
February 18, 2013.

Maybe some of the other guys have heard of this problem, I haven't? Any autostore should be able to provide you with the proper aftermarket alternator alternator and belt. Then all you have to worry about is the belt tension. You can use a straight edge on alternator pulley, see if it lines up with other pulleys.

I cant comment on what somebody else said, Id have to look at it.

Feb 18, 2013.