1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max • 120,000 miles

New ecm got spark. Bottle feed gas and can get it run a bit. Ecm self test shows no codes other than to replace it? Just had it repaired at goecm. Com! And still get the replace code! New fuel filter. But not sure how to check if singal is getting injectors? And have not checked fuel presure. Don't have a way to check that right now. Engine was running fine. Then started to missfire. New plug, wire, cap and rotor button. Can you please help!
September 10, 2011.

You can check the injectors easily with a part called a "noid light" most auto parts stores have them.
It would be a good idea to find a way to get a fuel pressure gauge as well. Since you said you have spark you need to know if you have fuel pressure.
The ECM problem is worrisome too. Maybe you should call the place that repaired it and tell them that you are still getting the code.

Sep 11, 2011.
I have fuel psi. The flat 4 pin conector on distubter has power 12 volt power on wires 1&2. Hooked led test light to wire 4 and get a flashing light when turning engine over. 3 wire I no flash. I hope this is the wire that ecm to fire injectors? THANKS

Sep 16, 2011.
Your welcome. This is the wire that the ecm uses to fire the injectors.

Sep 21, 2011.