1990 Mercury Station Wagon • 70,000 miles

I am looking into buying my very first car and am pretty nervous about the whole thing. I don't have a parent or another experienced buyer to help me make the decision, so I thought I would look online for some advice. I happened to walk by a 1990 Mercury Station Wagon for sale and called the seller for additional information. It's going for $1500 and has the following issues:
- needs new valve gasket covers
-the passenger car window does not go down
-leaky oil
-the odometer broke after the mileage hit 70,000
These are all issues I obviously would like fixed. The seller actually owns his own shop, so my question is; should all of these things be fixed before $1500 is a reasonable price? Or should I talk him down from the original price and then have the issues fixed elsewhere myself? Or is 1500 a reasonable price even with all of these issues?
Any help would be much appreciated!
February 26, 2013.

Keep walking. If those were easy or inexpensive repairs, he would have done them.

I specialize in car problems, and as such, I always appear to point out the negatives in any car. I personally would stay away from any Ford. My very strong preference is for older Chrysler products. I have my reasons, and other people have their reasons for liking other brands, which are legitimate too. I also like the simpler and easier and cheaper-to-repair older stuff. I'm about to head out of town with my third oldest vehicle, an '88 Grand Caravan, because it's the one I know will get me home again. If you aren't picky about style or looking hot, consider a Dodge Shadow, or Plymouth Sundance. Those are really tough little cars and they're easy to fix. Please stay away from any Ford front-wheel-drive car.

Feb 26, 2013.